Hello there, Mama!

This program has been a long time comin'. 

For years, I was a cardio junkie. I truly believed that the longer I jumped, ran or sweat-the more "in shape" I would be. 

That method was totally fine until...I had kids. Not only was my TIME an issue-who has the time to drive to the gym, workout for over an hour and drive home (not to mention with kids in tow?!?)? But also, my ENERGY and METABOLISM became an issue. 

Mamas, I learned the hard way that doing strenuous cardio workouts 6 days a week and getting very little sleep was actually counter-productive to what I was trying to accomplish! That does not make a happy and efficient metabolism! Do you know what does? Shorter, more intense and efficient workouts. And MUSCLE. 

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My Mama Has Muscle program is a 9-Week Progressive Strength Program. 

What is Progressive Strength Training? 

Progressive Strength training is a type of training that is imperative for muscle growth. Essentially, it is a method of training where you increase your weight and volume to make your muscles work harder than they are used to. Without progressive strength training, there is no way to measure improvement! 

I honestly do not see a lot of this training out there, that's why I designed it with all of YOU in mind so you so would be able to actually track and see your progress!

But Nicki, Will Strength Training Make Me Look Bulky...Like A Man?!

For years, I went to the gym and logged hours of strenuous cardio. I was working SO hard, yet my body was not changing one bit! I finally decided to do some research and started implenting progressive strength training into my workouts. Voila! My body started changing. And while I hear the "fear of the bulk" thing often, we ARE working to get you muscle, but it is not the kind of training that will make you bulk. I learned that in order to change the shape of your body over time, you have to build LEAN MUSCLE MASS! Muscle is the metabolic fountain of youth, the more you have, the more fat you burn! I also created this program for the busy mom, because...HULLLO! I AM ONE! If I can get these workouts done, so can you! So, who is ready to actually LOOK LIKE SHE WORKS OUT and get a real METABOLIC BOOST!?

What you get:

  • A Printable PDF Guide of 12 Short, Muscle-Building, Fat-Burning Workouts 
  • A 9-Week Program Calendar Guide to take all the guess work out of when to workout
  • Video Demos for each workout
  • A Progress Sheet to track your progress each week
  • New found muscles that you did not know had (but ya gotta put in the work for these!!)

 Mama Has Muscle IS For Mamas Who Are: 

bored with the same old workouts, and want to see results (i.e. muscle gain & fat loss)

committed to doing an entire program for 9-weeks 

 intermediate to advanced levels of fitness  

not afraid of a little hard work and intensity  

short on time (all workouts are 40 minutes OR LESS).  

 ballers on a budget  

willing to try a new way to change their body composition  

ready to boost their metabolism  

aware the summer is coming and kids will be home, so need a program to keep themselves consistent  

 Mama Has Muscle Is *NOT* For Mamas Who: 

believe cardio is the only way 

like to spend hours in the gym

are just starting out on their fitness journey (NOT FOR BEGINNERS)

cannot find time to prioritize working out

love barbell workouts  

usually do not commit to a program

What You Need for the Program

  • 2-3 sets of dumbbells. One for when you start the program and 2 more to progress to once you get stronger (and you WILL!). 
  • An interval timer. I use the FREE Deltaworks Interval Timer app on my phone.
  • A mat (optional).
  • A space in your home that you can move in. Workouts can also be done at the gym.

What people are saying!

"These workouts kicked my booty, but I saw more muscle than I have in years!"  

- Angie P  

"I have been doing the same workouts over and over for years and these workouts helped me bust out of my rut to see body change!"  

- Shannon G.  

"I LOVE the names of these workouts! Funny as it is-I look forward to doing each one because the names make me smile."  

- Stefanie S.

"I love the cardio effect of these lower body workouts."  

- Lori L.  

"If you do these workouts, your body will show you some serious results!  

- Alison F.

 "I love watching my time and reps improve from week to week!"  

- Amanda H.

>> Buy Mama Has Muscle for $47 <<

Ladies, I am a mama...and I GET IT. We want to have time to do all the things, but we also know that taking care of ourselves is priority #1. But isn't that SOOOO much easier said than done? I wanted you all to have something that was manageable while still being totally effective. I wanted something to take ALL of the guess work out of what you are going to do about your workouts this summer when the kids are home. This is it. This is the program for you! So, let's go! Let's get strong and mighty! Let's let our kids all tell their friends, "Mama Has Muscle!" 


1. If I don't complete this program, will a refund be available? No. This is a DIY program by design so participation is up to you. NO REFUNDS.  

2. Can this program be completed at home? YES! This was designed as a home workout program. HOWEVER, you can also easily do them in a gym as well!  

3. If I do not have dumbbells, can I participate? No. This program is dedicated to muscle growth and progression. The only way to properly do that is with weights. I suggest borrowing some for 9 weeks! I am certain a FB friend will have some!  

4. If I have never worked out before or it has been years since I have, can I participate in this program? Honestly, these workouts are tough and designed to be pretty difficult. I would not recommend this program for a beginner.  

5. Can I incorporate this program with something I am already doing? You can, BUT in order to get the FULL EFFECT and RESULTS, I would only substitute the "walk" and "active rest" days with something you are already doing.  

6. Can I do the workouts out of order? You can if you fall behind or have to miss some days, but I highly suggest sticking with the calendar as much as possible.  

7. If I miss a workout or 2 or 10- should I quit? Of course not! Just jump back in where you can and when you can! Remember my motto: #ActionOverPerfection  

8. Can I do the workouts pregnant? You can, but you need to consider 1.) a doctors permission. 2.) you should not do this if you are just starting your fitness journey-it is very intermediate/advanced. 3.) MODIFY any moves you need to be comfortable and safe. As a general rule-pregnancy will cause you to go decrease in weights instead of increase. However, it is good to want to maintain lean muscle mass during pregnancy so do what you can.  

9. Will I have demo videos to show me the moves? Yes. All of the workout titles are clickable links to demo videos.  

10. Should I be worried that I will look like a dude when the 9 weeks is over? Nope. But you WILL have more muscle if you follow the program and muscle is a subjective thing. You can think toned arms and decreased fat. Your body will take on new shape and sometimes muscle takes up some space, but is that a bad thing?